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Use this template to celebrate a special event with your friends, relatives or colleagues like for instance a birthday party, a BBQ in a park, a dancing night, a wedding, an anniversary, a house warming, a farewell lunch, summer time party and more.

Let's get together ...

Update the title to the name of the party you celebrate and place an introduction message here for your guests describing the type of coming event.
Adapt the presentation to your taste by adding more paragraphs, others cliparts, any of your pictures here, etc.
Date:July 4th
Time:From 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM 
Location:on the beach
Other info:add as many other info as needed

The details ...

Place here any important information that your guests should know about the event like for instance the name of the persons that already confirmed their presence, what do they have to bring if it's a pot luck, if they need to dress up or disguise, a humorous list of "do and don't", etc.
You may also add a link to another web site for more details (like a driving direction website for instance) or to another topic of your website related to this event (a previous photo albums, complementary information, etc) and finish for instance with a message like

We hope you'll join us !

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